Where to start

Once you've visited Restoration a few times and are ready to get connected, you may be asking how you can get started. We encourage every person who calls Restoration home to take these important steps:


step 1: Become a Christ follower

We acknowledge that without Christ our lives would be drastically different and because we have experienced Jesus's love, we are constantly seeking to share Jesus with our community. We strive to make the Gospel real and relevant, separating religion from relationship, to present a clear and compelling message through our lives and in our service.


step 2: Become more like Christ

Our Sunday morning worship service is designed to help people grow in their knowledge of and love for God through relevant and challenging teaching, and authentic and powerful worship. During these times the Bible challenges us as we seek God’s next step.


step 3: connect in community

God created us to be in relationships with others. We encourage attenders to connect to their church community by joining a Life Group.


step 4: share the good news

The logical next step in restoration is to share the joy with others. We strive to be a community of people who lead others to Jesus and make a difference in our home and in our community.